Grass Cutting

No lawn is too big or small for us. We can arrange weekly, fortnightly or monthly visits to ensure your Lawn is kept looking the way you like it. On all of our visits we strim the edges as part of the job leaving a great defined edge on your lawn. We only use the best machinery and ensure we leave a perfect looking striped lawn.


Garden Maintenance

Our weekly, fortnightly or monthly Garden Maintenance visits consists of cutting the grass, strimming the edges, trimming of any small shrubbery, weeding and digging over beds, clearing the leaves and spraying of weeds.


Hedge Cutting

We take on all sorts of hedging jobs from small topiary to large hedgerows. We also maintain the smaller hedges in your garden as part of our Maintenance visit.


Weeding and Digging over beds

Digging over flowerbeds once weed free, will benefit, the soil and allow more oxygen into the beds. Weeding and border control is also part of our Maintenance service


Leaf Clearing

We will clear debris and leaf fall from your beds and lawns. Also from patios and driveways. This service is popular during the Autumn/Winter months. Leaf clearance is also part of our Maintenance service.


Garden Clearances

If your garden needs a complete makeover we can help. We have all the proper machinery able to turn your garden around no matter how big or small the job. The Garden waste can also be taken away at an additional cost.


Lawn Treatments

We provide Lawn Care all year round. Weed, feed and Moss treatments all available. We also provide Autumn and Winter feeds containing high doses of  to help your lawns cope through low temperatures. We only use the best products for your Grass. The Fertiliser we use is also Pet friendly. 

We also take on Small and Large Turfing jobs so if your lawn needs completely renewing, we would love to help.


Scarification and Aeration

Scarification is important for your lawn as it allows us to remove all the dead thatch and moss sitting in your lawns. This allows more room for thicker and healthier grass to grow more freely. Aeration is important as it allows air, water and good nutrients to get into the grass roots.


Fruit Tree Pruning

Pruning Fruit Trees at the right time is essential. Pruning allows more Sunlight and air movement throughout the tree. Pruning the tree correctly is also important in allowing it to carry a larger crop load. Give us a call to arrange this Service.


Pick up of Plants

If you have any specific areas that need planting out or even require just a few Plants, we are more than happy to arrange collection from our chosen nurseries and deliver them to you as part of the Service.


Pressure Washing

We take on many Pressure Washing jobs. Patios, driveways, side entrances, decking and much more. Give us a call to arrange a quote for your specific area. We also resand the joints and cracks to prevent weeds coming back and to help leave a neater finish.


Snow Clearing

The Snow does not stop us!  In the Winter months we take on snow clearing jobs. We know some of the less able will struggle to leave the house when its snowing to get important things they need, so we clear the snow off driveways and paths. We also put plenty of grit down whilst we are there to make the area less slippery.

We also get called out to blow Fresh snow off Lawns as this can seriously damage grass roots.